Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kanye joins Twitter, & Speaks on album

Kanye West was pretty busy yesterday. The MC/producer/blogger/interrupter/genius/pain in the backside woke up, joined Twitter (@KanyeWest), performed at Facebook's offices, tweeted a bunch (mostly about how small his jet was) and then, finally, performed at Twitter headquarters.

In his two appearances at the social networking meccas, West rocked acapella versions of songs from his forthcoming album which, according to Kanye himself, is not called Good Ass Job.

But even if you weren't one of the lucky social networkers to see a suited-up Kanye rap on top of your cafeteria lunch table (as he did at Facebook), you were able to ride along with him. Literally.

Pretty much as soon as West activated his Twitter account he was making his fans and followers part of the journey, playing the old "Kids In The Hall"/I'm crushing your head" game with his "small as hell" jet and holding 140-character court on topics ranging from covering his Versace sofa in plastic to his preferred mode of drinking water:

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