Thursday, July 29, 2010


50 Cent On The View

50 talks the ladies on The View about his crackhead period, his childhood and his mother, his film Twelve, Vitaminwater, and getting his tats removed.

They also ask a bunch of dumb ass questions like, “how did you avoid getting hooked on drugs while you were selling them?” Do you ask people who work at McDonald’s why they’re not fat?


Kanye joins Twitter, & Speaks on album

Kanye West was pretty busy yesterday. The MC/producer/blogger/interrupter/genius/pain in the backside woke up, joined Twitter (@KanyeWest), performed at Facebook's offices, tweeted a bunch (mostly about how small his jet was) and then, finally, performed at Twitter headquarters.

In his two appearances at the social networking meccas, West rocked acapella versions of songs from his forthcoming album which, according to Kanye himself, is not called Good Ass Job.

But even if you weren't one of the lucky social networkers to see a suited-up Kanye rap on top of your cafeteria lunch table (as he did at Facebook), you were able to ride along with him. Literally.

Pretty much as soon as West activated his Twitter account he was making his fans and followers part of the journey, playing the old "Kids In The Hall"/I'm crushing your head" game with his "small as hell" jet and holding 140-character court on topics ranging from covering his Versace sofa in plastic to his preferred mode of drinking water:

FUNNY & Best Drake Interview ever!! Speaks On Big L & Little Brother.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Kanye West spits Good Ass Job lyrics acapella at Facebook headquarters


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Video: Rah Digga – “This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap” Video

Rah Digga - This Ain't No Lil' Kid Rap from Raw Koncept on Vimeo.


Video: Estelle feat. Nas – Fall In Love


Video: Lumidee feat. Styles P – End Of Time


Beyonce Ticketed For Texting While Driving

Where’s Oprah with one of her ratings-winning lectures when you need her?

Earlier this year, Jay-Z treated wife Beyonce to driving lessons to help her pass her road test, but looks like he may have forgotten to stress one important road rule: texting while driving is against the law.

Star Magazine snoops report that the pop singer was pulled over in Brooklyn June 23 after an NYPD official caught the beauty texting away as she weaved her way in and out of traffic.

In an effort to get out of the situation, the Texas native tried to use her celebrity status to charm her way out of the situation — to no avail.

“BeyoncĂ© was really embarrassed because she only recently got her driver’s license. She tried to charm that cop and told him she had no idea that texting while driving was against the law. He had no idea who she was. He just slapped her with the ticket, which was worth more than $100!” a spywitness chuckles.

What a summer “Sasha Fierce” is having when it comes to automobiles
! Just last month, Mrs. Knowles- Carter was nearly mowed down by a London taxi while exiting her whip outside the world-famous Harrods Department Store.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Drake Playboy Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Drake’s in hot water over his hit single “Best I Ever Had.”The hip-hop sensation has been sued by Playboy Enterprises for what they claim is a copyright infringement in his Summer 2009 breakout hit.

The lawsuit, filed against Drake, Cash Money Records, Universal Music Group and Universal Music Group Distribution, asserts that the song illegally samples Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds’ 1975 ballad “Fallin’ In Love,” the rights of which are owned by Playboy.

“Each Defendant either knew, or should have reasonably known, that the sound recording ['Fallin' in Love'] was protected by copyright. Each Defendant continues to infringe upon Plaintiff’s right in and to the copyrighted sound recording,” court documents read.

Playboy Enterprises wants an injunction that would halt the sale and distribution of the song, which would effectively take Drake’s So Far Gone EP off the market, or at least cause the label to re-release it without the song.

Chaka Demus & Pliers Suing Universal Music Group For $10 Million In Unpaid Royalties


Chaka Demus and Pliers, the reggae act best known for their 1993 party-starter “Murder She Wrote,” are suing the world’s largest record label for more than $10 million in unpaid royalties and trademark infringement.

Attorneys for Jamaican-born stars John Taylor (aka Chaka Demus) and Everton Bonner (aka Pliers) lodged the complaint against Universal Music Group in New York this week. Chaka Demus and Pliers accuse Universal of misappropriating royalties intended for the duo from the sale of their dancehall hits, including “Murder She Wrote,” “Tease Me,” and “Twist and Shout.”

The suit charges that Universal Music has “withheld the monies and royalties payments” from the inception of the reggae stars’ contract with the Universal-owned label Island Records in Oct. 1992

According to, the pair are also demanding an injunction ordering Universal Music to cease the sale, production, and performances of the their music.

Lil Wayne Owes “A Milli” In Taxes

Lil Wayne Owes “A Milli” In Taxes: It appears footing the bill for his gaggle of illegitimate children
has taken a toll on Weezy’s pockets.

Last month, The Internal Revenue Service filed a $1,138,760 tax lien against the incarcerated rapper for unpaid income tax in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

Wayne is currently serving a one-year sentence in New York’s Rikers Island after pleading guilty to gun charges last year. He is reportedly expected to be released in November — for good behavior.

This is the second big tax problem
for Lil Wayne, real name real name Dwayne Carter, Jr. – the Tax Man filed a $977,840 tax lien against the rapper in 2008, which he later paid.

Whitney Houston $7K-Per-Week Drug Habit Leaves Friends In Fear

Is Whitney back on “that stuff?” That’s claims of pals close to the troubled diva. Word on the Curb has it that the “Million Dollar Bill” star spends a massive $370,000 a year on drugs.

Cocaine is Houston’s drug of choice and The National Enquirer spills that erratic singer’s entourage organized for just under $7,000 worth of cocaine to be delivered to her during a tour stop in Europe last month. Yep, we’re talking about the same tour during which Whitney’s vocals were such a wreck that droves of fans walked out of arenas demanding their money back.

Sources say Whitney — mother of 17-year-old daughter
Bobbi Kristina — also shells out an average $7,000 a week on drugs to feed her habit, and when she insisted during her “comeback” interview with Oprah Winfrey that she was clean – she ws actually high as a kite.

“Whitney is a dead woman walking! With the amount of drugs she’s buying, she won’t be able to live long. She’ll be dead in months,” said friend Marlon David, a party promoter. “A friend of mine who’s based in Switzerland is a drug dealer who deals in cocaine. One of Whitney’s people called him and said, ‘Whitney wants to party’.”

Gotti Family Livid Over Rick Ross “Teflon Don” Tag

The Gotti Family has a bone to pick with “Super High” rapper Rick Ross.

Ross is no stranger to snatching the identities of famous criminals for lyrical purposes. After all, the former Miami corrections officer recently warded off a multimillion-dollar lawsuit from Los Angeles cocaine kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross, who accused hip-hop’s self-professed “Bawse” of turning his street moniker into a top-selling brand. Now the “Hustlin’” hitmaker’s “Teflon Don” tag has attracted the anger of one of the Mafia’s most legendary families: The Gottis.

Ross used “Teflon Don” as the name of his recently-released album, but the grandson of former Gambino Family boss John Gotti is determined to stop the imposter from cashing in on Johnny Boy’s nickname.

Gotti — who died of lung cancer in a Michigan prison in 2005 — was dubbed the “Teflon Don” by New York’s tabloid media after winning acquittal after acquittal in the 1980s before he was finally convicted of murder and racketeering in 1992. (Gotti’s penchant for tailored Italian suit also got him dubbed “Dapper Don,” FYI.)
Although the nickname wasn’t one John came up with himself, Rick should have gotten the okay from the late mobster’s family before using it, Carmine Agnello, 24, told The New York Daily News Tuesday.

Carmine — as you may recall — appeared on the A&E reality series Growing Up Gotti with his mother and two brothers in the mid-2000s. These days, Carmine’s working to get his own rap career off the ground, and he doesn’t appreciate hanger-ons like Rick, 34, lining his pockets courtesy of his grandfather’s criminal legacy.

(Hello! That’s his job)

“He should have asked for permission. A standup, respectable guy would come and ask ‘If I could use the nickname,’” Carmine fumes. “I think he’s a great artist, but you can’t just start calling yourself that to sell records …He wants to go for that whole image, but hey, be yourself…Only in America can you go from being a corrections officer to calling yourself Teflon Don.”

For those who don’t know, John Gotti was a reputed racist, who was known to spew the N-word and went out of his way to keep people of color from purchasing property in his upscale community in the Howard Beach section of Queens, NY. With a history like that, I’m not sure why any African-American man (or anyone with morals) would want to name himself “Gotti,” “Teflon,” “Dapper,” or anything else having to do with this convicted murderer. Just my two cents….

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