Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Real VS Fake

Real People Vs. Fake People

Real people admit their flaws

Fake people deny their flaws

Real people act like people

Fake people act in human

Real people write songs from the heart

Fake people write songs to make money (most of which are artificial & have absolutely no meaning)

Real people apologize for their faults

Fake people never apologize. They put the blame on other people, accuse them of being crazy & try to make themselves look

Real people make conversation to welcome friendship & companionship

Fake people make conversation to mess with people's emotions & watch them lose their minds for their own sick endeavors

Real people accept you for who you are

Fake people accept you for what you have

Real people make you happy

Fake people make you want to pull your hair out

Real people hold their heads up in the air

Fake people hold their heads & noses up in the air

Real people accept defeat

Fake people don't accept defeat. They make like children & pout for a long time

Real people respect when you have company

Fake people act like spoiled children & find ways to make you company uncomfortable (kick, whine, pout,throw angry fits, etc.)

Real people help heal the past

Fake people try to smooth things over as if nothing happened

Real people back off and let you find yourself

Fake people act a if they know you, but they don't

Real people let you find your own job

Fake people downgrade your job & try to help you because they think that you are stupid, dumb & know what is best for you

Real people follow & comply with rules given to them

Fake people find ways to rebel & feel that rules are meant to be broken

Real people let you enjoy yourself

Fake people ruin your mood

Real people listen

Fake people act like rowdy children in a playground

Real people respect your personal alone-time with another occupant which isn't them

Fake people act insecure & grow jealous of whoever you confide in

Real people know what it means to be human

Fake people act as if they were still living in the stone age century

Real people blame themselves when their house of cards tumble to the

Fake people place the blame on just about anything or anybody, including the family pet. The, they proceed to insert words into the mouths of individuals, making it seem as if they are condemning them. They also get defensive & threaten to leave because they feel as if they were labeled as the "bad guy"

Real people show improvement

Fake people show absolutely nothing (zip, zero, nada, zilch)

Real people- love them 100%

Fake people- love/hate them at the same time

Real people-can tolerate them

Fake people-can't tolerate them, but you have to force yourself to deal with them

Real people-can always count on them

Fake people-you have your doubts

Real people accept constructive criticism

Fake people get defensive and feel as if they are being gained up on

Real people accept being held accountable for their actions

Fake people give no-good sorry excuses for their actions

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